little.HEARTS + Nightmare’s Debut in China

Nightmare will once again be headlining little.HEART’s 6th anniversary live show, “MY little HEARTS. Special Edition Vol.6.” The line up consists of Plastic Tree, THE KIDDIE, Sadie, DaizyStripper, ν[NEU], BugLug, with FEST VAINQUEUR as the opening band.

Tickets will cost 5,500 yen with a drink ticket in the 1st floor standing area; 6,500 yen with a drink ticket in the 2nd floor reserved seating.

“TABOO” and “Dorastika” to be Opening and Ending Theme to “Dorei-ku Boku to 23 Nin no Dorei”

Two of Nightmare’s songs, “TABOO” (unreleased yet) and “Dorastika” (from their upcoming album “TO BE OR NOT TO BE”) will be the intro and ending theme songs to “Doreiku.”

Dorei-ku Boku to 23 Nin no Dorei” is based off of a manga by Okada Shinichi that talks about enslaving people at a price who wear a mouthpiece called an SCM (Slave Control Method). In order for someone to become your slave, you must win over the other person to show your dominance through a duel. The duel can of any kind and can range from simple to complicated. The mouthpiece will vibrate if the wearer is in the vicinity of another SCM user, giving you the choice to duel or not.

Nightmare’s “Kenka Drive” with Sendai Kamotsu x Danmitsu?

As you’ve read in the past, Sendai Kamotsu has been in collaboration with model Danmitsu with their PVs “Ichigeki! SHABAZO” and “Seishuun Aika” for a pachinko game called “CR BE-BOP.” The concept of the game is to defeat as many of your bosozoku enemies with the more coins you win. Nico Nico has posted a preview of the game with Nightmare’s “Kenka Drive” playing in the background.