Dizzy Promo Events

Like their previous releases, Nightmare will be having promotional meet and greet events in areas of Japan. Instead of dividing the members into groups, all 5 members will be appearing in the in-store events this time around. You can only attend these events if you have “Dizzy” reserved or bought at the respective store where they are holding the event. There will be two types of events:


Sakito to Participate in DEAD END Tribute Album

The second wave of solo projects keep continuing!

Sakito will be participating in the DEAD END tribute album “DEAD END Tribute – SONG OF LUNATICS -” alongside many other artists, like Kuroyume, hyde from L’arc-en-Ciel, Chisato from Penicillin, TOKIE from unkie/LOSALIOS, just to name a few. The track list has yet to be revealed. We will be making an update on this once it is revealed.

The LEGENDARY SIX NINE Revival and Hitsugi’s Solo Project

Just announced on Nightmare’s staff Twitter account, RUKA’s solo project, The LEGENDARY SIX NINE, will be resuming activities for little HEARTS.5th Anniversary “MY little HEARTS. Extra Edition Vol.1.” Alongside Ruka will be Hitsugi, who has started his own solo project as well, called “GREMLINS.” The line-up for GREMLINS have yet to be announced. The LEGENDARY[…]

Japan Expo Fan Reviews and Set List

First and foremost, a big congratulations to Nightmare in their successful shows at Japan Expo this past weekend. We are very proud of them and of their success here. Also, a huge thank you to those who went to see their performance and gave them such a warm welcome. Based on some of the YouTube videos we saw, the atmosphere was insanely fun and exciting.