Nightmare Unable to Perform at Goyang Rock & Festival

Announced earlier this week, Nightmare will not be going to South Korea for their Goyang Rock & Festival due to various reasons. The festival was supposed to take place from August 8th until the 11th, but the date got moved to the 29th to the 31st. The local event planners also came upon many issues.

A brief┬ásummary of the explanation from the festival’s cancellation is due to some issues with the preparations. Apparently, there had been people boycotting the festival because of its location, thus reducing their ticket sales. They were also having trouble getting the proper permits for it. Along with that, the area is speculated to still be in recovery mode from Hurricane Halong. The promoters wanted to make sure enough emergency services would be available for concert-goers, staff and artists.

The concert organizers also changed the date of the festival without informing Nightmare’s management company, Avex. Because of schedule conflicts, Nightmare was forced to withdraw from the festival as one of the performers.

Currently, they are planning to offer refunds for tickets, travel and accommodations. Details for that will be on their site, along with the information for re-booking.

A big thanks to ichigo’s friend for reading through the hangul and helping with this. In her friend’s words, it was “mad advanced Korean.”