Nightmare New Single, Tour and GemCEREY collaboration

On Nightmare’s website, they had announced 3 big things: A new single release on September 7th titled “SLEEPER,” a ZEPP tour in the fall called “ZEPPELIN” and a GemCEREY collaboration.

The new single will have 3 songs, “SLEEPER,” “Star Spangled Breaker” and “Iris.” The singles will come in 3 versions, two of which will have a PV of “SLEEPER” and “Star Spangled Breaker.” The new single will also be a tie-in song for their upcoming jewelry collaboration with GemCEREY. It will be very exciting to see what kind of designs each member will create that will represent them!


Kishidan vs. Nightmare?!

On August 1st, Shibuya-AX will become a battefield for a battle of the bands. Nightmare has been invited by Kishidan to participate in “氣志團 Presents 極東ロックンロール・ハイスクール〜ジャイアン vs ブタゴリラ〜” (“Kishidan Presents Far East Rock n’ Roll High School~ Gian vs. Buta Gorilla”). Apparently, Nightmare is not the only band being challenged by this epic group Kishidan.[…]

Upcoming Sendai Kamotsu Show on Nico Nico

As announced toward the end of “Nico Sata,” where Sendai Kamotsu were guests (Chiba, Fullface, and Satty were there), the geitastic sextet will be having a live streaming show on June 28th. The show is called “祝・復活!仙台貨物がアンダのニコニコをとり戻してア・ゲィ・ル” (“Iwai · Fukkatsu! Sendai Kamotsu ga Anda no Nico Nico wo Tori Modoshite A·Gei·Ru”). This show is to celebrate their return as a band.