RUKA’s Solo Project: The LEGENDARY SIX NINE + New Nico Nico Show

You read right, boys and girls. The King Drummer himself, RUKA, will be having his own solo project titled The LEGENDARY SIX NINE. The line up so far has Hakuei from Penicillin and the rapper TWIGY. No information is up about them yet, but they have announced a single release titled “Cruel” that will be[…]

“Gianizm” Tour Decided!

Announced at their show at Saitama, Nightmare will have a short tour in April titled “Gianizm” the Tour. These are the places they will be performing: 4.13: Nagoya at Chuukyou University Bunka Shiminkaikan Aurora Hall; Starts: 6:30PM 4.15: ZEPP Fukuoka; Starts: 6:30PM 4.21: ZEPP Sapporo; Starts: 6:30PM 4.27: Osaka International Conference Main Hall; Starts 6:30PM[…]