VERMILION. Promotional Events

The band’s homepage has released dates where the band will be doing promotional events for their upcoming single. They are going to be busy from here on out since they have radio interviews to do as well.

  • May 17th (Tues) at 6PM: Hand-shaking event at Sendai Forasu 7th Floor Little HEARTS
  • May 18th (Wed) at 6:30PM: Talk and Hand-shaking event at Sunshine City Funshui Plaza
  • May 20th (Fri) at 8:40PM: Hand-shaking event at Omiya Arche 5th Floor
  • May 21st (Sat) at 2PM: Talk and Hand-shaking event at Kintetsu Passe Okujyou Tokusetsu Stage
  • May 21st (Sat) at 5PM: ??? Present Meeting at HMV 3rd Floor Event Space
  • May 22nd (Sun) at 2PM: Minatomachi River Place (Osaka)
  • June 20th (Mon) at 7PM: Semi live at Shibuya Tower Records Basement 1 STAGE ONE