Nightmare Fanclub Trip Decided for 2013

About half an hour ago, Nightmare’s staff Twitter posted an “important announcement” to be made at 12AM JST.

It has been decided Nightmare will be doing a fan club trip this year titled “天下大珍走” (Tenka Daichinsou). The trip is set to take place in October.


5th Anniversary Contest

As most of you know, May 24th will be NaitoUSA’s 5th anniversary since seven started the team. To celebrate, we’ll be holding a little contest for those who have been supporting us all this time 😀

Design Your Own Nightmare Tour Good Contest

You can design whatever you want, as long as it’s band-related. Use your creativity in deciding what would be a good seller among fans if they were to buy this.

Hitsugi to Contribute to hide’s “TRIBUTE II” Album

A very nice piece of news this morning: Hitsugi is taking part in the upcoming tribute album “hide TRIBUTE II-Visual SPIRITS-“, commemorating the 20th anniversary of legendary artist hide’s beginnings as a solo act. Hitsugi is covering the song “D.O.D.[DRINK OR DIE]”; It’s not 100% sure if he’s doing the singing but it sure looks that way!!

The album comes out July 3rd and costs 3,000 yen. There are two volumes, TRIBUTE II and TRIBUTE III. Hitsugi’s part is on TRIBUTE II, so be careful when buying.