Sakito to Release “Tabsite America/New York”

As you’ve all already heard, Sakito will be releasing a book on December 9th, documenting his trip to New York City with Shin-chan. The book will include a DVD of said trip, as has his previous books have.

The book will be 240 pages and cost 3,024 yen (roughly $27-28 USD). It can currently be pre-ordered through little.HEARTS or Tower Records Japan. If you did not purchase his previous books, fret not! Based off of Nightmare’s OHP, they have different sets you can purchase on pre-order at discounted prices.


little.HEARTS + Nightmare’s Debut in China

Nightmare will once again be headlining little.HEART’s 6th anniversary live show, “MY little HEARTS. Special Edition Vol.6.” The line up consists of Plastic Tree, THE KIDDIE, Sadie, DaizyStripper, ν[NEU], BugLug, with FEST VAINQUEUR as the opening band.

Tickets will cost 5,500 yen with a drink ticket in the 1st floor standing area; 6,500 yen with a drink ticket in the 2nd floor reserved seating.

GREMLINS’ Message to little.HEARTS and Extra Member?!

Just announced via GREMLINS’ staff Twitter account, Hitsugi and KNZ. will be leaving a video message on little.HEARTS’ event website soon in regards to their feelings on the upcoming show in Okinawa on February 14th-16th. So far, HERO, DaizyStripper, Megamasso, NEU and the KIDDIE have done so. Please stay tuned for GREMLINS’ message.

GREMLINS Head South and FC Lives

Congratulations to RUKA and Hitsugi on their respective solo projects having a successful little.HEARTS Extra Edition Vol.1 live!

As D. mentioned on our Facebook after the show last week, GREMLINS will be headed to Okinawa in February for the “MY littleHEARTS. Okinawa Edition vol.1” alongside THE KIDDIE, DaizyStripper, HERO, ν[NEU, and Megamassmo.