Hitsugi to Collaborate with Nameko V.A. CD

As most of you know, Hitsugi is a huge fan of the iPhone app, “Nameko,” which is a mushroom garden growing game. Recently, Nameko’s newly established music label, Nnf-nnf Records, have released news of a CD with various artists, one of which is Hitsugi. He will be creating a track called “NO.20.” For those who play the game, “NO.20” refers to one of the mushrooms you could grow named “Masaru.” In the English translation, his name is “Oddball.” It is also Hitsugi’s favorite Nameko from the game.


Nightmare vs. Baroque in “NATURAL BORN ERRORS”

Just announced this morning on their OHP, Nightmare will be embarking on a short tour with visual kei band Baroque. For those who don’t know, Baroque formed in 2001 under Free-Will and disbanded in 2004. They have just recently reunited in 2011 with a free concert and have resumed activities. The sudden collaboration with these two bands came as a huge shock to everyone. As expected of Nightmare to showcase their spontaneity.


Igaguri Chiba’s U.S. Debut and Mea FC Shows

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. It’s true. Igaguri Chiba will be making his very first American apperance at FanimeCon’s MusicFest on May 26th. Since yesterday, Chiba had been tweeting teasing messages, saying he had a very big announcement and left fans in suspense. He will be hosting a panel, meet and greet signing session, and selling merchandise to international fans. From Chiba’s twitter, he’s wondering what kind of cosplay should he go in for this and is very excited.

We at NaitoUSA would like to wish Chiba the best of luck in his solo overseas debut. For our supporters and fans of both bands, please make it out to the show to support our wonderful gei-tastic vocalist and spread the word about us if you can.