YOMI and GUNDAM + Another Show

On September 21st, Nightmare will be participating in “BPASS 25 Fes” at Shibuya-AX with other artists to celebrate BPASS Magazine’s 25th anniversary. Tickets go on sale Sept. 5th and cost 6,000 yen (roughly $63 USD). As we all know, YOMI is a Gundam model fanatic. In the upcoming “Gundam 30th Anniversary Guidebook,” there will be[…]

little HEARTS Vol. 2 and DigiPhotos

Nightmare will be appearing alongside Lc5, MERRY, Sadie, DELUHI, THE KIDDIE and SKULL for little HEARTS.’s 2nd anniversary in opening the store. To celebrate the event, they will be having a concert titled “MY little HEARTS. Special Edition Vol.2” at Zepp Sendai on September 19th and at Shibya C.C. Lemon Hall on September 25th. Tickets[…]