little.HEARTS + Nightmare’s Debut in China

Nightmare will once again be headlining little.HEART’s 6th anniversary live show, “MY little HEARTS. Special Edition Vol.6.” The line up consists of Plastic Tree, THE KIDDIE, Sadie, DaizyStripper, ν[NEU], BugLug, with FEST VAINQUEUR as the opening band.

Tickets will cost 5,500 yen with a drink ticket in the 1st floor standing area; 6,500 yen with a drink ticket in the 2nd floor reserved seating.

Even though Nightmare had to cancel their debut in South Korea, another chance has come up in China this time around. They will be participating in the “Holy Night Rhapsody Festival – Halloween Party -” event in Shanghai on November 1st. Ticket and venue information are not available yet. Please check back when we are able to get more information on this event.


Source: OHP