1. How do I listen to Japanese radio shows online?

There is a program available for download called Keyhole TV. Simply follow the instructions on their webpage for installation and you’re all set. Please do keep in mind not all radio stations are available through this program as some stations are local stations of the city and are not available online due to the station’s budgets.

You can also listen to some through iTunes. They update their podcast library every Friday with the most recent broadcast. However, the songs they play on air are cut out of the stream due to copyrights.

2. Is there an address where I can send my fan letters/fanart to Nightmare?

Yes, there is. It’s listed under Nightmare’s OHP “Contact Us” area. Since majority of overseas fans can’t read Japanese, we took the liberty in translating the address for you:

〒162-0831 Tokyo-to
Yokoteramachi 32 TR
Kagurasaka Bld.

Addressed to Nightmare (insert member name here)

3. How do I become a member of Dateotoko?

Please refer to the “About Dateotoko” section.

4. How do I get Nightmare tour goods if I live overseas?

Nightmare has a shopping page on their website that allows you to purchase their latest tour goods, as well as some of their past goods. All you have to do is make an account there and you’re set. For Dateotoko goods, however, you have to be a fan club member on top of having a shopping account on the page. Unfortunately, you do need a Japanese address in order to have it shipped to you but fret not!

There are three ways you can go about this:
a. You can use the international shipping service, Tenso. All you have to do is sign up to become a member and then they will give you a Japanese mailing address. Upon using this, there is a fee you have to pay for their services and for EMS shipping.

b. If you have a Japanese pen pal or a friend living overseas, he/she can order it for you.

If you’re looking for older Nightmare goods, try your luck on auction sites, but please be aware of knock-offs and do the proper research. Or you can inquire on some forums or online communities to see if any other Mea fans are selling off their goodies. Good luck!

5. Their CDs cost too much to purchase because of the shipping fees. Is there another way I can get Nightmare’s music and still support them?

With mp3 downloads being the standard norm nowadays in getting music, be it through the legal or illegal way, you can download their music legitimately through Amazon.co.jp. The singles are usually available on hand from the release date. The albums will take a little time after the initial CD release date.

You can also download directly though iTunes. However, depending on where you currently live, the availability of Nightmare’s songs may vary. Based on some research we did, Europe’s and Japan’s iTunes stores have the band’s more recent releases, whereas the North America’s iTunes store lags behind. We’re assuming the reason of this lag could be because of overseas copyright issues, licenses and fees.

There are also legitimate websites that sell physical and digital copies of Nightmare’s album. Please refer to our main page where the “New Releases” are displayed.

6. Why are your Twitter translations so scarce?

As NaitoUSA is a passion project, there is only so much time we can dedicate to translations as they are time-consuming. The admins try their best to get to whatever they can with their jobs and personal lives thrown into the mix.

7. How do I buy a ticket or subscribe to Nightmare’s Nico Nico channel if I live outside of Japan?

Unfortunately, Nico Nico does not support overseas credit cards nor do they plan on creating support for their multilingual sites any time soon.

8. Would you be able to sub any Nightmare-related videos?

As much as we would like to, the team simply does not have the time or the manpower to do so. However, if anyone is willing to offer their services to help out, you’ll be duly credited.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. The admins will try their best to answer them.