Messages from Members Regarding the Tohoku Earthquake

Nightmare’s OHP has posted a message regarding the earthquake and a short message from all the members.

We deeply express our condolences to everyone on the recent Tohoku earthquake and the damages it has caused to the victims. Everyone was beginning to worry about the relatives of Nightmare, but they have been confirmed to be safe and sound. Our heartfelt prayers hope they can begin reconstruction as soon as possible.

Regarding “publish” the show and new single release

Because of the earthquake that hit Northeastern Japan (from Tokyo to Sendai) yesterday, the show at Shinkiba Studio Coast was stopped for the safety of the band and the fans. The earthquake was measured at an 8.9, causing a tsunami that swept away 88 lives in Sendai, with hundreds more missing. On the website, they said the show will be rescheduled to March 31st. More information will be released as soon as they have anything new. Hitsugi has written through Twitter that he, the band and staff members are all okay and unharmed.