Regarding Mea’s 10th Anniversary T-shirts

heir homepage posted some information regarding the orders on the Nightmare member designed t-shirts: “We have finished receiving orders on Nightmare’s 10th anniversary official t-shirt for the 2nd time as per request from the guests and would like to inform everyone shipping on these orders have been completed. For the guests who have not received[…]

Costume Survey, New t-shirt and muffler design + LSN Goods

On Nightmare’s Mobile site, they are holding a survey to see what your favorite costume is from each member. Depending on the answers from the survey, it may or may not affect the tour goods for their upcoming Vol. 3 tour. The survey goes from Sept. 17th until Sept. 30th. The site has also posted[…]

Igaguri Chiba’s “Glitter Boys” Single Revealed

On Sendai Kamotsu’s OHP, they have posted up Chiba’s upcoming solo single that comes out on October 6th.

Version 1: Regular Version Cover. Comes with DVD of "Glitter Boys" PV

Price: 2,100 yen (roughly $23 USD)

Version 1: Limited Edition Cover. Also comes with DVD of "Glitter Boys" PV.

Price: 2,100 yen (roughly $23 USD)

Version 2: CD Only

Price: 1,800 yen (roughly $21 USD)