Nightmare Tour DVD & Live CD Release + TABISITE Vol. 2 and More!

Announced on the interwebs yesterday, Nightmare will be releasing a live DVD and CD of their “TO BE OR NOT TO BE: That is the Question” tour final at Tokyo Kokusai Forum Hall on November 19th. There will be 2 versions of this release.

Version 1 is of the DVD only that will cost 5,500 yen (roughly $50 USD); version 2 is the DVD + CD that will cost 8,500 yen (roughly $80 USD).


リライト Covers Revealed and New Hall Tour in 2014!

Congratulations to Nightmare in finishing their short tour, “Dizzy is not Zozzy” without troubles. Based on the tweets the members posted, it sounded like a blast.

Their website has also revealed the CD jackets for their upcoming single in January, “リライト” (the romanization of the katakana has yet to be confirmed, but it can be either “Rewrite” or “Relight”).


Sendai Kamotsu Best Of Album + Tour

sk_best13Just announced on their OHP and tweeted by Sendai Kamotsu’s staff, Sendai Kamotsu will be releasing their first best-of album in July 2013. There is no date or track list confirmed as of yet. Once the information is released, we will let you all know.

In the meantime, they have announced a tour in July titled “Sendai Kamotsu Best tour 2013 “Sukebest!” (Sukebest is a play on words here. “Sukebe”= pervert and best. Add those two together and you get “Sukebest.” Clever boys, they are.)