Nightmare’s “Kenka Drive” with Sendai Kamotsu x Danmitsu?

As you’ve read in the past, Sendai Kamotsu has been in collaboration with model Danmitsu with their PVs “Ichigeki! SHABAZO” and “Seishuun Aika” for a pachinko game called “CR BE-BOP.” The concept of the game is to defeat as many of your bosozoku enemies with the more coins you win. Nico Nico has posted a preview of the game with Nightmare’s “Kenka Drive” playing in the background.

NaitoUSA Video Project

As announced on our Facebook, we will be putting together a special video to congratulate the guys on their American debut, as well as show them support before they head to Houston. We are looking for video and/or photo submissions from you!

Feel free to use English, use signs in English and/or Japanese, or try speaking Japanese (If necessary, we will add some simple translations into Japanese afterwards).