SenKa Collaboration with PEACE NOW

As if the last piece of news regarding Chiba wasn’t shocking enough, Sendai Kamotsu keeps everyone’s faces set to surprise and excitement! Announced a few days ago, they will be creating a limited edition t-shirt line with PEACE NOW and Sanrio’s Hello Kitty.

The t-shirt designs will feature SenKa’s trademark red color with a unique and fresh design with Hello Kitty on it.


Chiba to Be In a Screenplay?!

Since the revival of the geitastic sextet, Chiba has been on the move. Not only is he a fantastic singer and performer, he has decided to try his hand at producing and directing his very own screenplay, starring himself! Alongside Chiba will be Kurihara as well.

This is the official title:
Theatrical Chiba presents Visual kei Musical?!
V Theatre’s Oddball


“SLEEPER” Meet and Greet + ONEDAY JACK

September will be a very busy time for the band. Not only will “SLEEPER” be released, they have to be at radio interviews and promotional events. Along with that, they are currently in and out of the studio recording. Sept. 8th (Thurs): Talk, Handshake and Raffle Event Location: Nishinomiya Gardens 4th Floor Time: 6PM- Sept.[…]