BARKS+plus’ Article on Sakito’s SHOXX shoot

BARKS+plus has also written a short report regarding Sakito’s SHOXX Vol. 216 photo shoot. The comment in this article was taken from the SHOXX website, so the translation is slightly different this time.

Nightmare’s Sakito Showcasing a Beautiful Semi-Nude Shot
Reported on: Feb 17, 2011

SHOXX, the specialty music magazine that will go on sale February 21st, will have Nightmare’s guitarist, Sakito, in its first semi-nude shot in their 218th volume.

Genius photographer, Mr. Toru Hanai, had collaborated on this project theme, “NUDE~ Shintai (Kokoro) wo Hadakanishite~”, a concept which took about a year to come into fruition. From the beginning, Sakito himself was persuaded to be involved in this in the office and had troubles going with it…Hats off to the fighting spirit of the editor in charge.

For those who know of this photographer, Hanai Toru’s photographing technique perfectly pulls out the subject’s “au naturel” personality. Photographing Sakito this time for “NUDE~ Shintai (Kokoro) wo Hadakanshite~,” he wanted to capture this beautiful theme of “seeking to capture Sakito’s natural ‘beauty’,” something we have yet to see up until now. Please look forward to seeing this beautiful appearance that had bee skillfully put together in transcribing Sakito’s complete feminine-like beauty.

Sakito’s comment on the photographing.

Nightmare Unexpected Live + YOMI’s book

Two days ago, their website had put up a countdown clock and has since ended. They have officially announced a show called “Nightmare unexpected live ‘publish!’” It will take place on March 11th at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST. Tickets will cost 5,000 yen, with a 500 yen drink deposit. Pre-order for tickets start on Feb. 27th.[…]

Happy birthday, Endou-san!

As shown on today/tonight’s episode of “Bakuretsu! Nightmare,” today was Nightmare’s manager’s, Endou’s birthday. Happy birthday, Mr. Manager, for keeping the band working hard and their sanity intact. We hope you have a good one and celebrate it with the best company around you. The next “Bakuretsu! Nightmare” will be on March 15th.