Upcoming Promo Events + Expo World Tour Japan 2011

First and foremost, the team would like to send a congratulations to Chiba for finishing his oneman show. Second, a very belated birthday to our very own admin, starnaito (Oct. 19th). Now onto the news!

The band’s self-titled album, “NIGHTMARE” will be released November 23rd. As usual, the band will be having album reservation events to spread the word. The band will be split into two groups to travel around. In the north, Hokkaido; the south, Fukuoka City; and finally in Kyoto, where they will have the special event.


Member Comments Regarding their Sendai Performance in Their Upcoming Tour

The band decided they will be performing at Zepp Sendai on April 27th instead of Tokyo Electron Hall Kyujou in Miyagi. This event will also be a fund-raising event. Translations prone to error. YOMI: We decided we would perform in Sendai for our “Time Rewind to ZERO” tour in April. That was the arrangement at[…]

Nightmare Unexpected Live + YOMI’s book

Two days ago, their website had put up a countdown clock and has since ended. They have officially announced a show called “Nightmare unexpected live ‘publish!’” It will take place on March 11th at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST. Tickets will cost 5,000 yen, with a 500 yen drink deposit. Pre-order for tickets start on Feb. 27th.[…]

YOMI to Release a Book

If you have been following YOMI’s articles on Pati Pati titled “Bachi Bachi! Hisatsu!! Asobinin” (“Applause! Certain Kill! Gambler”), good news for all. Pati Pati has decided to compile his past articles printed into this magazine into a book. The book goes on sale March 25th. Pre-orders starts from January 17th until March 11th. The book costs 2,940 yen.

YOMI’s popular article talks about him trying new things to expand his interests in hobbies, like yoga, kickboxing and even golf, just to name a few.