Sakito to Release “Tabsite America/New York”

As you’ve all already heard, Sakito will be releasing a book on December 9th, documenting his trip to New York City with Shin-chan. The book will include a DVD of said trip, as has his previous books have.

The book will be 240 pages and cost 3,024 yen (roughly $27-28 USD). It can currently be pre-ordered through little.HEARTS or Tower Records Japan. If you did not purchase his previous books, fret not! Based off of Nightmare’s OHP, they have different sets you can purchase on pre-order at discounted prices.


Nightmare Tour DVD & Live CD Release + TABISITE Vol. 2 and More!

Announced on the interwebs yesterday, Nightmare will be releasing a live DVD and CD of their “TO BE OR NOT TO BE: That is the Question” tour final at Tokyo Kokusai Forum Hall on November 19th. There will be 2 versions of this release.

Version 1 is of the DVD only that will cost 5,500 yen (roughly $50 USD); version 2 is the DVD + CD that will cost 8,500 yen (roughly $80 USD).


Sakito’s “AFTER-BISITE~アフタビサイト~”

It’s been a few months since Sakito’s “TABISITE” book release where he went to Cambodia and fans want more. Sakito will have premium event talk session titled “AFTER-BISITE~アフタビサイト~” on February 3rd at Shinjuku LOFT SPACE ONE for 150 lucky people. The event will provide lots of videos and off-shots from his trip to Cambodia and[…]

Sakito to Be Guest Guitarist for MORRIE

Even though RUKA and Hitsugi are busy with their solo projects, Sakito is not too far behind.

He will be appearing at MORRIE’s solo live, “Nowhere Nobody”- Nobody Hour as his guest guitarist. As most of you know, Sakito is a huge fan of MORRIE and recently appeared on the cover of Player Magazine with Adachi Yuji, guitarist of MORRIE’s band, DEAD END.