Sakito to Release “Tabsite America/New York”

As you’ve all already heard, Sakito will be releasing a book on December 9th, documenting his trip to New York City with Shin-chan. The book will include a DVD of said trip, as has his previous books have.

The book will be 240 pages and cost 3,024 yen (roughly $27-28 USD). It can currently be pre-ordered through little.HEARTS or Tower Records Japan. If you did not purchase his previous books, fret not! Based off of Nightmare’s OHP, they have different sets you can purchase on pre-order at discounted prices.


Dizzy Promo Events

Like their previous releases, Nightmare will be having promotional meet and greet events in areas of Japan. Instead of dividing the members into groups, all 5 members will be appearing in the in-store events this time around. You can only attend these events if you have “Dizzy” reserved or bought at the respective store where they are holding the event. There will be two types of events: