YOMI to Release a Book

If you have been following YOMI’s articles on Pati Pati titled “Bachi Bachi! Hisatsu!! Asobinin” (“Applause! Certain Kill! Gambler”), good news for all. Pati Pati has decided to compile his past articles printed into this magazine into a book. The book goes on sale March 25th. Pre-orders starts from January 17th until March 11th. The book costs 2,940 yen.

YOMI’s popular article talks about him trying new things to expand his interests in hobbies, like yoga, kickboxing and even golf, just to name a few.

This is translated from the Catch Bon! website regarding what the contents will be in the book:

  • The special book will include a DVD inside
  • A cover report about the serialization of YOMI’s article
  • Lots of layout shots!
  • An interview with YOMI in what kind of man he wants to become in a long interview, along with many other things he has yet to achieve.

Source: OHP, CatchBon!

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