ARENA37ºC Collection & Gadget Grow Collaboration Vol. 2

First and foremost, a congratulations to Nightmare and all of the bands who participated in the little Heart’s. 4 year anniversary show on the 29th. Announced a few days ago, magazine ARENA37ÂșC will be compiling all of Nightmare’s interviews and articles into one hardcover book.

The book will consist of articles from 2004-2010. This is a book you must order through the band’s OHP as it will not be on sale in bookstores.

Moving onto the next item is Sakito’s second collaboration with Gadget Grow. Because of the success of his first line, it was decided a second line will be launched. Here are three new items he designed with the brand:

Sakito Original Plate Necklace
Price: 5,250 yen (roughly $57 USD)

V-Neck Pocket Cut-Sew
Color available: Blue (organic cotton), Black
Price: 13,650 yen (roughly $143 USD)

Cotton Rib Pants
Color available: Black
Price: 11,550 yen (roughly $120 USD)

Source: OHP, Gadget Grow OHP

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