Update on RUKA’s Condition

On their OHP, RUKA had posted a recent message regarding his current body condition. As most of you know, he had to undergo some minor surgery on his body. Here is the message he wrote, translated by NaitoUSA staff member, D.

— Message from RUKA —

My surgery took place a few days ago, without any issues.

Naturally, there’s still some pain, but I’m not having any problems going about daily life.

However, the last month or so before the surgery,

The pain made it hard for me to eat, and my physical condition went downhill.

Since the doctor wants me to avoid straining myself for a while, I won’t be participating in the “MY little HEARTS. Special Edition Vol.4” shows on September 29th and October 6th.

For right now, I want to devote myself to healing my ((surgical)) wound and returning my body’s strength to normal.

I do plan to attend October’s fan club trips.

Everyone, please forgive me for making you worry.

Please wait a bit more.

I’m sure everyone is glad RUKA’s surgery was a success. Until then, the staff of NaitoUSA wishes him well in making a full recovery!

Source: OHP

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