little HEARTS Vol. 2 and DigiPhotos

Nightmare will be appearing alongside Lc5, MERRY, Sadie, DELUHI, THE KIDDIE and SKULL for little HEARTS.’s 2nd anniversary in opening the store. To celebrate the event, they will be having a concert titled “MY little HEARTS. Special Edition Vol.2” at Zepp Sendai on September 19th and at Shibya C.C. Lemon Hall on September 25th. Tickets are 4,800 yen (roughly $53 USD) if purchased before the event and 5,800 yen (roughly $62 USD) on the day of the event. Tickets go on sale July 23rd.

Digital Photos of the band is now available through D-Photo’s site. The photo shoot is from SHOXX’s August 2010 issue.

Source: OHP, D-Photo, little HEARTS OHP

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