More New Picks and a Sold Out Show

Since Ni~ya’s new pick was announced recently, Sakito and Hitsugi has also made new picks as well. Each pick costs 105 yen. Nightmare will be performing at Takadanobaba AREA on August 31st alongside vistlip, ν[NEU], HERO, administrator, アンド (OUT), and other artists for “Otskare-sama 2010.” The good news is the show is already sold out.[…]

10th Anniversary T-shirts and New Pick!

Posted on their OHP, Ni~ya has a cool new pick design. If you wish to purchase one, it’s only 105 yen (a little over $1 USD or so).

As the band continues celebrating their 10th anniversary, each of the members have designed their own t-shirts to commemorate the event. They have designed two types: One member designed (costs 3000 yen; about $32 USD); the other are selected words from their song lyrics (costs 2000 yen; about $25 USD). The deadline for the 1st type are from July 10th until the 21st. The t-shirt will ship out around August for Type 1. The deadline for the 2nd type are from July 22nd until August 27th and will ship out around September. Unfortunately, these are only available to Dateotoko members. Their site has also been updated with tour goods from their upcoming tour, “re:START of TELL(ALL)ISM.”

Last but not least, we would like to wish the band good luck in their upcoming tour.

Nightmare on iTunes

Nightmare’s songs will finally be available to be downloaded on iTunes. There will be 2 availability dates: July 14th: the WORLD Ruler August 25th: killer show majestical parade KYOKUTO Symphony -the Five Stars Night- @BUDOKAN GIANIZM the WORLD/Alumina Raison d’être KONOHA DIRTY Lost in Blue NAKED LOVE Rem_ a:FANTASIA If you can’t afford to buy their[…]