RUKA Hospitalized

A big thanks to D. for updating the fans via Facebook while ichigo was away. The FC staff had sent out an email to fans and updated the website recently with news of RUKA had been temporarily hospitalized due to health concerns. He had not been feeling 100% since the start of the fanclub tour and had intended to get it checked out. Band members Hitsugi and Ni~ya had briefly tweeted about this as well and asked fans not to worry about his condition as he will get better soon.

Because of this, their show in Sapporo had been postponed and held a hand shaking event with the fans instead. The staff and members apologized for the inconvenience. According to the staff, the two remaining shows in Sendai and Shibuya will go as scheduled. The staff of NaitoUSA hope RUKA has recovered from his condition and is feeling healthy again.

Source: OHP

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