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Since Sendai Kamotsu is going to be revived very soon, one of the members of the sextet has decided to join the interwebs.
Follow him @sendai_kmt_full

UPDATE #2: Haiku Giveaway Winner Announced!
It was really hard to decide on a winner because everyone’s entries were so great. Alas, there can only be one.
The team would like to congratulate Imani Tatum for winning our 3-year Haiku Contest!

This is her winning haiku:
From Area to
Budokan, they have achieved
the Highest Nightmare.

We would like to thank everyone who participated and the excellent effort they put into writing the entries. We even got an entry from Japan, too! That was really surprising. The admins also had a hard time coming up with one just for fun. Look out for our next giveaway 😀

We hope you all have a good Memorial Day for those who celebrate it.

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