Sendai Kamotsu new mini-album + GREMLINS new works in the works

Lots of news to update on everyone right now. We do apologize for our absence on the site as the team member’s respective personal lives got really busy while Nightmare and the member’s solo projects took off.

Sendai Kamotsu will be releasing a mini-album on July 30th titled “SENDIE KAMOTSU.” It will come in two versions; Type A will be a CD + DVD type and Type B will be a 2-CD version. A track list of the mini-album has yet to be revealed, but the previewed song, “Metal Hajimarimasu” will be part of it.

GREMLINS have begun their “The SURVIVORZ ’14” tour around Japan with LM.C, and Baroque. Based off of a few MCs during shows and Twitter, HITS announced they have been in the studio recording a few songs, but did not reveal whether it was a mini-album or single.

Source: Sendai Kamotsu OHP, The SURVIVORZ ’14 OHP