New Single, “blur” + Hitsugi to perform at hide’s Birthday

As announced on our Facebook feed by D., Nightmare will be releasing a new single next year on January 7th. The single cover has yet to be released, but the track listing is available. The single will come in 3 versions: 2 with PV DVDs and 1 as a CD only.

1. blur
3. Such a Nonsense System

Types A and B will include the PVs of “blur” and “BUDDIES,” respectively. These 2 versions will cost 1,800 yen (roughly $16USD). Type C will cost 1,200 yen (roughly $10 USD).

Also just announced via Nightmare’s OHP and Hitsugi’s twitter account, Hitsugi will be appearing as a guest musician at the sold out “hide Birthday Party 2014-50th Anniversary-” show at CLUB CITTA on December 13th. Below is his translated tweet about it:

“I’m finally able to announce this. I will be participating in hide-san’s birthday party!! Of course this makes me super happy, but it also makes me super nervous..”

Various artists have been tapped on the shoulder to perform at this wonderful celebration, including former members of hide with Spread Beaver. For those unable to attend, there will be a live viewing available at Haneda Airport terminal with the help of Nico Nico.

It is currently unknown whether or not Nico Nico will be posting the stream on their website as well.

Source: Nightmare OHP, Hitsugi Twitter, hide official website