New DVD Release and Zy Megaedition

Nightmare will be releasing their Saitama show on DVD and CD April 28th!

It will come in 2 versions:
Version 1: Limited Edition

  • Original LIVE DVD (2 discs) ※DVD is same as in DVD-only set
  • Countdown Live DVD (20~30 minute compilation) 1 disc 2009.12.31〜2010.1.1 Zepp Sendai Countdown Live special compilation DVD
  • LIVE CD 2 discs ※CD is same as CD-only set ※Contents vary from the Live DVD
  • Special extras enclosed
  • 10th Anniversary Special Coupon

Price: 10,000 yen (roughly $100 USD, depending on the exchange rate)

Version 2: CD Only

  • Live CD (2 Discs). Contents vary from the Live DVD
  • 10th anniversary special coupon
  • Trading Cards

Price: 3,000 yen (roughly $30-32 USD, depending on the exchange rate)

The setlist for the DVD goes:

  • 自傷(少年テロリスト) (Jishou (Shounen Terrorist)
  • ジャイアニズム誤 (Gianizm Go)
  • ジャイアニズム痛〜生涯皆殺し〜 (Gianizm Tsu~ Shougai Minagoroshi)
  • Cynical Re:actor
  • ジャイアニズム究 (Gianizm Kyuu)
  • ジャイアニズム叱 (Gianizm Shichi)
  • Mr.trash music
  • クラッシュ!?ナイトメアチャンネル (Crash?! Nightmare Channel)
  • muzzle,muzzle,muzzle
  • Can you do it?
  • TrickSTAR
  • livEVIL
  • バックストリートチルドレン (Backstreet Children)
  • ジャイアニズム碌 (Gianizm Roku)
  • 東京傷年 (Tokyo Shounen)
  • ジャイアニズム罰 (Gianizm Hachi)
  • ジャイアニズム天 (Gianizm Ten)
  • ジャイアニズム死 (Gianizm Shi)
  • dogma
  • 惰性ブギー (Dasei Boogey)
  • Яaven Loud speeeaker
  • ジャイアニズム惨 (Gianizm San)
  • 極東乱心天国 (Kyokutou Ranhin Tengoku)
  • Star[K]night

Zy Megaedition is releasing two issues of back to back past Nightmare interviews, photoshoots and more for their 10th anniversary. CDJapan and HMV Japan are currently taking pre-orders.

Source: Nightmare OHP, CD Japan

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