Ni~ya to be Guest on “Nori Nori Ikouze☆”

Ever since Nightmare had ended their “JACK IN THE BOX!” radio show, the members have been scarce on the airwaves. But no more! Ni~ya just announced he will be a guest alongside HAKUEI on FM Aichi’s “Nori Nori Ikouze☆”

“I will appear as a guest on FM Aichi’s radio show “Nori Nori Ikouze☆” every Monday evening at 8pm with HAKUEI-san, Lychee, and the manga producing brothers Teiichi! This group project will be appearing frequently on phone apps lol. Manga Brother’s (line) group app is secretly peeking…”

“This, of course, is free of charge! “Manga Kyoudai no Nori Nori de Sagouze★”

Based on the time and dates written on the band’s website, the radio show will be on from 8:30-9pm every Monday from Sept. 15th, 22nd, and 29th.

The app may be downloadable outside of Japan, but we are not sure if it will work.

Please support Ni~ya by listening to the show, if you can.

Source: Ni~ya’s Twitter