March 5th Event: the Carnival 〜Good-bye AX / Happy Birthday Hits〜

GREMLINS have been quite active lately with their announcement of their second single, “Yue,” coming out on March 5th, Hitsugi’s birthday. They also mentioned an event will be held on that same day to celebrate its release at Shibuya AX.

The event is called “the Carnival 〜Good-bye AX / Happy Birthday Hits〜.” Chizu from SuG and Mizuki from Sadie will once more be support members for GREMLINS. THE KIDDIE , Sadie, MEJIBRAY, BVCCI HAYNES and ν[NEU] will also be performing that day.

But wait! There’s more! The special guest announced to be at this event will be Hisashi, lead guitarist from GLAY.

There will also be a hand-shaking event after the show, where fans can give presents to the band members directly! If you can go, please do!

Tickets will cost 4,800 yen if reserved, 5,800 yen at the door.

Source: GREMLINS Twitter, Nightmare OHP, GREMLINS OHP